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  • Choosing the Best Ashtray for Cigar Smoking
    Choosing the Best Ashtray for Cigar SmokingIs an ashtray just an ashtray? Unlike regular cigarettes, cigars need their own special space to support their girth and ashes. Many cigar aficionados swear by the pleasures of finding the proper place to hold their cigars and ashes.So what are the characteristics of a good ashtray? First of course, make sure the ashtray you buy is big enough to hold your cigars. Cigars come in varying sizes, so you will want an ashtray that can accommodate the single of your choice. Next, consider your personal style of smoking. Do you produce a lot of ash? ...
  • Blogging 101
    Blogging 101 Blogging 101 is mostly about the blogging vocabulary. To understand blogs, you need to know the terms blog, platform, domain, and web host. Once you have mastered these key elements of blogging, you can enter any conversation about blogging with confidence. After you know what exactly a blog is, you will be on your way to passing the final exam of blogging 101. Blog is short for weblog, which simply means a series of online posts presented in reverse chronological order. That's all! Most blogs are text, but there are also photo blogs and video blogs....
  • Deep Sea Diving: The Importance of Trimix
    Deep Sea Diving: The Importance of TrimixIf you think that scuba diving is all about attaching an oxygen tank in your back and breathing through it with the use of a regulator, then you are wrong. There's a lot more to scuba diving than that. In fact, pure oxygen is never used in scuba diving, especially on deep sea diving.In recreational diving, air is commonly used and not pure oxygen as most people assume. Air is basically composed of 70 percent nitrogen and 30 percent oxygen. However, nitrox mixes are now being used a lot more in recreational diving as it decreases the chances of nitrogen...
  • The Apple iPhone - Offering Simplicity in Technology
    The Apple iPhone - Offering Simplicity in Technology One of the biggest things that people want they purchase a cell phone is simplicity. They want to be able to make their calls quickly and easily, without having to worry about finding the number that they are searching for. Apple knows what customers want, and they have created the Apple iPhone with this in mind. The Apple iPhone takes all of the guesswork out of making a phone call. With just one finger you can make a call to any of the people on your list, either by selecting their name or their telephone number. Do you need to make a...
    SHARE SMILES WITH KODAK DIGITAL CAMERAEver since, Kodak has always been associated with photographs. Kodak is primarily known for producing quality films and photograph that capture our smiles and tender moments, so it's no big surprise that Kodak ventured with camera business. Starting out with analog or conventional cameras, they finally followed suit with their line of Kodak digital cameras. One of the best and handiest Kodak digital cameras is the Kodak easy Share one. Only about 0 the Kodak easy Share one is one of the first new series of Kodak digital cameras supports wireless...