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Diesel Fuel Prices to Skyrocket - Water as the Next Best Option
Diesel Fuel Prices to Skyrocket - Water as the Next Best Option

The title says it all, and here's why: first of all, everyone's feeling the pinch of fuel prices. And it's not just the average Joes, it's everyone. Yes, even those who are high up in the economic world -- those who own airlines, investment companies, real estate, you name it. We're hearing about airlines asking passengers to pay for their airline food so they don't have to raise prices. Investment companies are crashing in the United States and the whole world feels the earth quake. Real estate firms are closing down buildings and liquidating their funds to stay afloat. All this because of diesel fuel prices.

If people were a tad ambitious or daring, we could go for something that has been proposed a few years ago as an alternative to diesel fuel -- water. First of all, it makes the car start and run. That's the most important thing we need to consider when dealing with alternative fuels. Second, it's inexpensive as compared to gasoline or diesel. Even if we say that gasoline is cheaper than diesel, there is still a substantial difference between using gasoline or diesel and using water. There may be some power technicalities, and car aficionados who love racing would attest to that, but the reality is that it works. Surveys show that people would consider using water as fuel for their cars if it means saving buckets of money that goes to the cashier at the gas pump.

The concept of water being used as fuel is simple. You will be using Hydrogen gas or H2 gas instead of diesel fuel or gasoline. Right now, technology still doesn't permit us to utilize 100% Hydrogen gas on a car. It is usually mixed with a little bit of diesel, but still it reduces the money you'll have to pay for diesel fuel. When you use the hybrid of diesel and hydrogen gas in your car, your car runs efficiently and it will get you to where you need to go.

How does water fuel come about? Here's a quick look at the science behind this amazing piece of technology. Electrolysis is the process by which water is converted to usable hydrogen gas. The device that initiates the electrolysis gets its power from the car's battery -- the circuit is fired up and hydrogen gas is ready to go. The gas is then released into the engine's air intake system where it travels through the combustion chambers and mixes with a little bit of diesel. This economical mixture of hydrogen gas and diesel makes for a perfect combination that maximizes the car's mileage and saves you gas money which is essentially the whole point of using alternative fuels.

You may think that there will be some complicated mumbo jumbo that you need to figure out before your car can run on water, but it's really easy to set up. Just make a visit to the hardware store, get all the things you need, come back home, get on the internet, and search for step by step instructions. That's basically all you need to do to save on gas money. Soon enough you'll see your savings skyrocket as high as the diesel fuel prices themselves. .


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